Executive Biographies
Bernard J. Sapperstein
President and Founder
Bernie Sapperstein

Bernard (Bernie) Sapperstein is a recognized consultant with over fifty years of experience in the transportation industry. His extensive background includes thirty-six years as President and Founder of Sapperstein & Associates, Director of Traffic for Jack Eckerd Corp, Drug Fair and was on the staff of the Transportation Bureau of Baltimore. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Transportation from the University of Baltimore.



Our Audit Team

Our auditing team is a group of highly qualified auditors, with experience ranging from nine years to twenty-five years in freight bill audit. Our members are thoroughly trained and educated in the areas of freight management and quality assurance. Our diversity in experience and knowledge creates a well-rounded organization ready and willing to tackle any situation. We also utilize local retired transportation professionals to supplement our work force during peak time. We can virtually double our work force with qualified professionals within short period of time. If you have any questions feel free to contact us @ 727-726-1903

  Phone: (727) 726-1903 or (727) 726-8110 | Fax: (727) 725-3761  
Email: marketing@salogistics.net