Full Service Program
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PRE-AUDIT: A vital function of the FSP the pre-audit service is a ridged examination of each and every freight bill. This service ensures that rates, discounts, and product clasification are accurately applied. Tariff contracts are apropriately interpreted.

RATE QUOTES & ROUTING: Rates are determined by comparing carrier rates and transit service. Routing recomendations are based on the best rates and service offered by the carriers compared.
CLASSIFICATION: A full examination of your product(s) will be conducted by one of our professionals to determine the best product(s) description & National Motor Freight Classification to be used. Improperly described products can increase cost significantly!
TRAINING: Dedicated to educate its customers, we will conduct several training seminar throughout the year. Subject to be covered are shipping and receiving procedures, claim filing, NMFC Classification, the freight industry, understanding tariffs etc...
TRACKING/TRACING AND EXPEDITING: With the use of internet technology our staff will keep track of those shipments that need special attention at no extra cost. Carrier recommendations on expedited shipment will be based on cost and service track record.
Our full service program is a combination of several key components that allow us to create and maintain cost saving programs to fit each clients specific need. Our professionals become an integral part of your company's traffic and logistics functions. Our services enhance your operation and improve your profit. Our people make a world of difference.

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