Post Audit Program
post audit program
Our fee is based exlusively on the revenue recovered from the over-charges. We find over payment errors ranging from 3% to 15%. Our fee is 50% of the recovered funds!
No guessing games, no gambles!
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With Post Audit there is no UP-FRONT COST and no long term commitment required. Sapperstein Logistics will conduct a full freight bill post audit on every paid freight bill incurred over the prior six month. The regulations specified under the Trucking Industry Regulatory Reform Act of 1994 only allow you 180 days to claim over charge to you freight carriers. Our post audit service will find billing errors that can add up thousands of dollars a year in revenue. Give us a chance to recover your lost revenue! We take all the risk! If we don't find any error it costs you nothing!!!

You have nothing to lose and revenue to gain!

Our Post Audit will verify bills belong to the client's account, verify accuracy of rating and classificacion and searches for duplicate billing/payments.


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