Why Sapperstein & Associates?
Sapperstein & Associates offers a cost effective freight management program that provides carrier negociations, 100% freight bill audit and a quality payment process. We have the knowledge, experience and resources to ensure perfection in all areas of freight management. We have the flexibility to customize our services to meet your requirements.
Management & Experience!
Over thirty years in the business of freight audit and payment processing.
Perfected processes that provide freight bill accuracies and payment assurance.
Professional staff with years of transportation experience and knowledge.
Our staff has a wide variety of experience and expertise covering Corporate traffic management, manufacturing, retail distribution, supply chain management, freight transportation operations & freight account management.
Sapperstein & Associates has long history of providing quality freight bill audit and payment services. Since 1972, our commitment has been to provide the best freight transportation management services available.
Team ship & Trust!
Sapperstein & Associates will respond to your changing needs by consistently reviewing data and indentifying areas of concern.
Our goal is to develop a strong bond by utilizing our management experience and analysis tools to optimize our services and reduce your total costs.
We build creditability by providing evidence of our successes in reducing costs.

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Email: marketing@salogistics.net